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Classic Thursdays

The Hiway Theater announces a new year-round film series: Classic Thursdays.

How it’s scheduled: fixed dates, but subject to change. Due to the fact that we are a single screen theater, we occasionally must postpone special classic screenings. This happens due to unavoidable contractual obligations with our distributors. Any change (and they are infrequent) will be announced at least a week ahead of time, and will result in pushing the date back one week. So before you come, please check our website or hotline for confirmation.

Why? Because that’s how the movie biz works. Believe us, we wouldn’t have this “subject to change” policy if we didn’t have to. (If we made the rules, we’d show 3 or 4 different films every week!) But that’s not how the movie business works, so we must be flexible in programing these special titles. All things considered, this is the best way to bring you the most special programming possible.

Stay up to date by email. The best way to stay aware of everything happening at the Hiway is to sign up for our weekly email. Each week, we will let you know about the Hiway’s upcoming films and events. We’ll also let you know about the screenings at our sister theater, the Ambler, which members can attend for the same member price as the Hiway.

Ticket prices for Classic Thursdays. Our normal ticket prices apply to Classic Thursdays, except for young cineastes: patrons 25 and younger will only be charged an admission of $3 for this series. All in an effort to grow the movie audience of the future! And, dress “in the theme” of the movie - you get a free popcorn.